Terms & Conditions

By registering in this course or micro credential, you are agreeing that you: 

  1. Have read, understood, and will comply with these Terms and Conditions. 

  2. Agree to pay all fees and charges arising from this registration.

  3. Have determined that the course or micro credential is suitable for you by reading the details provided on the webpage including course content and any recommended prior knowledge.

  4. Have access to a computer and a reliable internet connection.

  5. Are responsible for the security of the login details provided to you to enable access to learning platforms and resources related to the course or micro credential, including that you agree not to share your login details with anyone, including any member of your family, international agency or a legal representative. You will not let anyone else (whether acting on your behalf or not) access systems using your username and password.

  6. Declare to the best of your knowledge that the registration information provided is true, correct, and complete.

  7. Limitation of liability:

    a. Except in case of intentional misconduct or gross negligence, CELA accepts no liability for any damages caused in connection with the services under this agreement. This includes but is not limited to damages in the form of data loss, failure to operate, lost revenue, or missed profits.

  8. Any disputes in connection with this agreement are governed by Australian law.

  9. Are able to hear spoken word, as closed captions are not currently implemented. 


  • Access to the course ends either 6 months or 12 months after the date of enrolment, depending on the course or package you have purchased (the period will be listed on your confirmation email).

  • Unless stated otherwise, the courses and micro credentials hosted on this website are designed for participants aged 18 years or older.

  • Educators can register for multiple courses or micro credentials.

  • Access to support in relation to the course or micro credential you have enroled in is available until you reach completion or within one year after initial enrolment, whichever occurs first, this includes any technical queries. Participants can call the CELA support line on 1800 157 818 to speak to a CELA team member and access this support.

  • People enroling in the course or micro credential must complete their enrolment details and provide payment details or request an invoice outlining the amount to be charged. In the event that the amount received is incorrect, the payee will be contacted by phone and/or email to confirm the correct amount and provide additional information if needed. 

  • Each course or micro credential has been designed to be completed online, there will be no requirement to attend on-site workshops.

  • Access to course content is granted with enrolment and is subject to CELA's Terms & Conditions.


  • The course content is copyrighted by CELA and may only be used by one person within your organisation. Further use, copying, or distribution is strictly prohibited.


  • Tasks are designed to support knowledge acquisition. They are accessed through this website, which is hosted on the Thinkific (e-learning) platform. 

  • Tasks will not be externally assessed; each person is responsible for completing the tasks to monitor their own understanding and progress. 

  • Tasks will vary in type and number, according to the content and learning goals of the course or micro credential.

  • Educators are expected to:
    • View the content and video clip(s) relating to each workshop.
    • Read the articles, and other materials prescribed. 
    • Complete the tasks for course or micro credential as outlined. 

  • Availability
    • CELA will use its best efforts to always have the content available but makes no guarantees in this regard. If the content is not available at a specific point in time despite a specific promise by CELA and this is due to a technical issue within the control of CELA, any fees for such content will be refunded. 


  • Payment is required at the time of registration.

  • All monies received by CELA shall be receipted via email. If a workplace has paid for an educator, the name of the participant will be displayed clearly. 


  • Please choose carefully as we do not offer a refund if you change your mind or find yourself unable to take part.

  • If you are unable to complete the micro credential or self-paced course in exceptional circumstances (including severe ill-health or on compassionate grounds) you can apply to withdraw with a refund with relevant documentation. The application must be made prior to having received a certificate of achievement. Any refund will be at the discretion of the Executive Officer of Professional Learning. The amount refunded will be calculated according to the educator’s progress. Application to withdraw from a micro credential our self-paced course with a refund due to exceptional circumstances must be made in writing by emailing training@cela.org.au.

  • Any additional fees incurred during the process of completing the payment (e.g. credit card surcharge, bank fee, merchant fee, etc.) will not be refunded.

  • If CELA is not able to offer an advertised course or micro credential after you have enroled in it and paid for it, you will have the choice of transferring to an acceptable equivalent course or micro credential or receiving a refund. The refund will be provided to the Payee within 7 days of this notice.

  • If an individual has been enroled but is unable to begin the course or micro credential, a replacement person may be enroled without cost. This only relates to courses or micro credentials that have not been started by the person originally enroled.

  • No refund is available to people who remain registered and do not progress. From the day of enrolment, the course or micro credential is open for the period you have purchased in your course or package until the enrolment is canceled. 

Prepaid Fees Protection 

If CELA is unable to provide services for which the enroled person has prepaid, the person will: 

  • Be placed into an equivalent credential such that:
    • the new course or micro credential is suitable for the educator, and
    • the enroled person receives the full services for which they have prepaid at no additional cost to them or
  • be paid a refund of any prepaid fees for services yet to be delivered above the threshold prepaid fee amount. 


By enroling in a course or micro credential we may use and disclose your personal information only as follows: 

  • To send you informational and promotional content relevant to your relationship with CELA. You can stop receiving our promotional emails by following the unsubscribe instructions included in every email.
  • To bill and collect money owed to us. This includes sending you emails, invoices, receipts, notices of arrears, and alerting you if we need a different credit card number.
  • To provide support.
  • To support and improve the services we offer.
  • In accordance with, and for the purposes set out in, the CELA Privacy Policy.
  • No personal data
    • You shall not share any personal data with CELA other than described in our Privacy Policy. If you do, you shall fully indemnify CELA for all costs and damages associated with its processing and removal, including administrative fines and costs of secure deletion. 

Completion - badges and certificates

  • Upon satisfactory completion of a micro credential or the Child Protection NSW Refresher course: 
    • You will receive an electronic certificate of achievement. 
    • You will receive a digital badge.

  • Use of badge/certificates:
    • CELA grants a non-exclusive, non-transferable and non-sublicensable license to use the badge/certificate on a website and in marketing materials so long as the badge/certificate design is not altered in any way.  
    • Badges and certificates will be provided via the email address used when signing up for the course or micro credential and to access Thinkific, the learning platform hosting CELA's courses and micro credentials.
    • You will be able to view your badge and/or certificate at any point after receiving it via your email address.
    • Your badge/certificate will expire after a set amount of time, as disclosed in the specific micro credential description.
    • If you lose the link to access your badge or micro credential, CELA can provide this again for you.  

NESA accredited hours 

  • Only courses or micro credentials that are accredited by NESA can contribute to NESA Accredited PD. If the course or micro credential is accredited, this will be indicated in the relevant description on the website, along with the hours that will be credited on successful completion.

  • Only specific CELA courses or micro credentials are NESA accredited. 

  • NESA hours will only be attributed to participants who are successful in completing the micro credential and will not be awarded pro-rata for each workshop completed. 

  • Teachers wishing to obtain NESA hours must supply their NESA Teacher number on enrolment. 

  • NESA hours will not be attributed if the participant’s teacher number is not provided. 

  • These terms are not negotiable. 

Contact Us 

For more information about our website terms of use, if you have questions, or if you would like to make a complaint, please contact us by e-mail at info@cela.org.au or by post/mail at Community Early Learning Australia (CELA), Level 32, 200 George St, Sydney NSW 2000.