• CELA has been a peak body for Australia’s early childhood education sector for over 40 years.

  • We trained over 7,000 sector professionals last year, with a focus on supporting quality practice.

  • We are a not for profit organisation, so booking your training with CELA benefits you and the entire sector.

  • Any profits made on training fees are re-invested back into our advocacy efforts, membership benefits and the development of new training initiatives.

Why train with CELA?

CELA has a strong vision and philosophy for professional learning, built over our 40-year history as the peak body for Australia’s early and middle childhood education sector. Booking your training with CELA benefits you and the entire sector—any profits made on training fees are re-invested back into our advocacy efforts and member benefits.

A stable, well-supported and professional workforce is a vital element in achieving quality early education for Australian children. Supporting leadership capability and ongoing professional development is essential, so that educators have the skills they need to improve developmental outcomes for all children.

CELA supports educator’s professional growth through targeted learning and development which enables them to develop the skills they require to meet the needs of their community. CELA is a NESA endorsed provider at the proficient teacher level.


We do this with a focus on four key areas

  • Expertise

    CELA’s Learning and Development facilitators come from a wide range of early education backgrounds, equipping them with practical sector-based experience.

    Facilitator sector knowledge is maintained through both current working experience, professional development and research.

    Our sessions are designed and reviewed to ensure that all content meets relevant legislative requirements.

    We partner with professionals from a variety of relevant fields to bring their expertise, knowledge and skills to our program.

  • Innovation

    CELA’s learning and development team regularly review methodologies to ensure the provision of the most up to date and innovative approaches, allowing us to frequently release new learning programs.

    Content is informed by current theory, research and policy.

  • Responsiveness

    Feedback from evaluations and surveys, and requests from participants, helps to shape the learning and development offering.

    Training materials are updated through a process of rigorous evaluation and assessment via participant evaluations and peer review.

    Current sector issues and topics of interest are considered throughout program development.

    CELA is a NESA endorsed provider at the proficient teacher level.

  • Accessibility

    We ensure that all professional development offerings are available to all educators regardless of location.

    CELA prides itself on its ability to communicate to its audience by using plain English and ensuring clarity of message by catering for all adult learning styles.

    We design our professional development to cater for all qualification levels.


The outcomes of involvement in CELA’s learning and development program are experienced by the learner, children, families in education and care services and the community. These include but are not limited to:

  • Increased skills and knowledge that can be practiced and applied in the workplace;

  • Development of proficient and respectful approaches to the education and care of young children;

  • Communication and sharing of knowledge with peers and families;

  • Development of analytical skills and knowledge that can be integrated into everyday practice;

  • Understanding and application of educational theory;

  • Creation and application of original and innovative approaches; and

  • Increased enjoyment of learning and the desire to develop further through engagement in higher qualifications.

  • Everything we do aims to improve the delivery of quality education and care for all Australian children.